Termination of Service Agreement mandeep singh May 25th, 2021

Termination of Service Agreement

TAHM’s ability to provide the services may be subject to various licenses or other agreements(each a “Service Agreement”) between TAHM and its third party suppliers. In the event of the expiration or termination of any applicable service Agreement, will use commercially reasonable efforts to book alternative artists in order to avoid suspension or disruption of the Services. If TAHM is unable for any reason , to obtain such an alternative or replacement artist , or if TAHM reasonably determines that the provision of any Services would be a violation of any applicable law or regulation or any license in any jurisdiction or is no longer permitted under any of the same ,TAHM may terminate all affected services upon written notice to the member without any liability y to the Member.TAHM will give The member at least sixty (60) days prior written notice(or, if it is not possible to give 60 days’ notice, as much notice as possible under the circumstances of the termination or expiration the Service Agreement governing TAHM’S ability to deliver the Services, or any other condition arising under such a Service Agreement that is likely to adversely affect Customer’s use of the services. If TAHM terminates any Services pursuant to this , and Customer has prepaid for such Services under the agreement then TAHM will, after applying such prepayment to all fees and charges due under the Agreement, return the unused portion of such prepayment to Customer within forty-five(45) days after the date of termination.